Other animal Foods


For six generations, Brown’s has been devoted to creating tasty, healthy, nutritious animal food. Whether you’re feeding horses, songbirds, wild birds or small animals, you can rely on Brown’s for the tastes and nutrition that will keep them happy and healthy.


If you are what you eat, your horses will thrive with the Zeigler Bros. blend of nutrients formulated to meet the nutritional needs of horses. Proper nutrition improves health, longevity and resistance to disease. Another often overlooked benefit of properly designed, scientifically formulated foods is the reduction of environmental pollution by improving digestibility and nutrition utilization. Zeigler delivers innovative nutrition with foods that provide proper nutrition to improve the quality of life for both horses and the humans that love them.


LabDiet Dealer serving the Delaware Valley with laboratory animal diets and beddings and facilities around the world with environmental enrichment resources. Our line of enrichment addresses the need for variety, durability, safety and economy. Working with facilities across the country has allowed us to develop enrichment items for all species incorporating valuable feedback from the animal care staff.