Cat Treats


Vital Essentials focuses on the ALPHA diet and is comprised of 45% whole vital organs – more than any other complete and balanced raw diet. Including fresh heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, tripe, meat and bone, Vital Essentials is virtually identical to the diet of an ALPHA animal in its natural habitat providing pets the opportunity to lead long, vibrant, healthy lives just as they deserve.


Temptation's cat treats have a crunchy exterior and a soft center with flavors that cats can't resist like Beef, Poultry, Fish and Cheese.


Kitty Kaviar is the original bonito flakes for pets. This quality product is sold in UV light-protective packaging that sets it apart from the competition and assures the largest, pinkest bonito flakes to be as fresh as the day they were packaged and shipped. The eye-catching brightly color ½ oz. can or 1 oz. can (with re-sealable lid) also protects and prevents damage to the product during shipping and handling. Kitty Kaviar is also available in an 80 gram (2.82 oz.) light-protected, re-sealable foil plastic bag which also makes for easy storage in the refrigerator.


From the makers of Kitty Kaviar, “apPETizer" features high-quality bonito flakes finely ground and packaged in an easy to sprinkle container. Perfect for those finicky pets (cats, dogs, even birds love it, too), aging pets who maybe don’t have the same appetite anymore, or particularly a pet that is convalescing. It is an excellent appetite stimulant to add to their regular meal to “season” it and a nutritious healthy addition to their diet.

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The Nutro Company has a long history of making a great pet food. Since 1926, they’ve been leaders in pet nutrition and they’re constantly evolving their products with the high manufacturing standards and pet loving employees that make all the difference.


Cats love the GREENIES brand lineup of oral-care, hairball-control and medicine-giving treats. But it's the health benefits hidden inside that keep cats healthy and their owners happier, and create a stronger bond for all.