CareFRESH manufactures bedding, litter, food and treats for all your small animal needs.


Created as a litter that would be safer for pets, people and the environment without sacrificing performance, Swheat Scoop is known for their natural wheat-based cat litter. Swheat Scoop also manufactures a small animal litter for domestic pets such as rabbits, ferrets and birds. 


Pestell Pet Products offers the most extensive and innovative selections of small animal shavings and cat litter products in North America.


Fresh and Natural cat litters are formulated with natural ingredients like dehydrating crystals and flower extracts to provide superior odor control without the addition of harsh ingredients.

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Fresh News is dedicated to providing a healthy and hygienic environment for you, your pet and your home. Fresh News is made using 100% post-consumer paper from a unique recycling program called Paper Gator where non-profit organizations are paid to collect recycled paper. The natural carbon found in recycled paper along with added baking soda work together to break down odors instantly providing outstanding odor control. Using and composting Fresh News during the average pet's lifetime diverts approximately 3,000 pounds of litter from landfills.


A conventional clay non--scooping litter that is 99% dust free with a very mild fragrance.


The latest addition to the Healthy Pet® family of products, ökocat™ offers proven performance in the attributes that matter most to your cat. Available in four varieties: natural wood clumping, long hair breed formula, natural pine, and natural dust-free paper.